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Moen 7594E Arbor Review – Motionsense – Touchless Faucet

A state-of-the-art faucet with everything from a motion sensor to pull-out sprayer.

Technology At Its Peak

The times you had to wash your faucet along with your dirty hands are now over. You simply don’t have to touch the handle to get your hands cleaned. Adapting a motion sensor to a faucet has taken care of it.

Among all touchless faucets, leads the Moen 7594E. It sets to work by detecting your hand movements and it does so without a hitch. The faucet has 2 sensors : the ‘ready sensor’ senses movements underneath the faucet whereas the sensor on top senses movements on top of it and turns itself on.

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If you have a habit of piling your kitchen sink up with dishes, then you may dislike the ‘ready sensor’. If so, simply turn it off and stick to the top sensor.

You can also disable the sensors altogether by holding your hand for 5 seconds above the faucet and repeat it to enable the sensors again. Everything is mentioned clearly on the manual.

In the meantime, the flow of the water can be adjusted to your liking by simply using the handle of the faucet. It can also be used to change the temperature and shut the faucet off.

A Flexible Spout and a Sprayer

Not every faucet has a 68-inch pull-out hose like the Moen Arbor 7594. It comes out on your first pull, and then goes right back in as smoothly as a serpent. The distance it covers makes carrying large pots to the sink unnecessary.

What’s more, you can even water indoor plants without having to fill and carry a dripping jug all over the place! It has a ‘pause’ button too, and you can press it until you reach the desired spot to have the water running.

The spout of the faucet is nearly 16 inches high, and flexible as well. It can be swivelled out of the way when you need your sink for tasks not related to washing.

Sleek and Stylish

A faucet is one of the very few things that anyone from a kid to an adult will notice in your kitchen. So the looks certainly matter as much as its function and Moen 7594 knows it. Made entirely up of metal, and coated with Spot Resist stainless steel, this faucet is sure to add glamour to your kitchen – regardless of the decor.

It also reduces the amount of cleaning you usually do because the Spot Resist surface will keep itself clean. It has no room for fingerprints, rust, corrosion or water marks and all you’ll ever want to clean would be to get rid of germs.

Installation Is A Breeze

A quick and easy installation is sure to increase your excitement to have the faucet running. That’s basically why the manufacturers have adapted a Hydrolock Quick-Connect Installation System.

This snaps the water lines neatly into one place and eliminates the need for additional tools. The only added step is mounting up the control box, and that’s pretty simple as well. Follow the instructions and it’ll guide your entire process.

Visual instructions are also available in Youtube, but for me the manual was clear enough. If you’ve been plumbing things around your home, then this is another job you’ll love to the core.

As a side note, don’t forget to buy yourself an AC plug-in adapter. Yes, the manufactures ship you with a battery pack but it’s more like a toy next to the sensors, which makes an adapter an absolute must-have.

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A Warranty For Life

The biggest assurance a manufacturer can give about the product is the warranty. It also boosts the buyer’s confidence about the product. The good news about Moen 7594E is that you get a lifetime warranty to back your purchase.

However, if you use this faucet for industrial or business purposes, the warranty will be shortened to 5 years and any damage caused due to improper use will void the warranty. So make sure you’ve read all the conditions of it before you place a buy.


  • The motion sensors work flawlessly
  • Construction quality is top-notch
  • Very easy to mount it up
  • Great-looking and durable
  • A lengthy pull-down sprayer
  • The sprayer has a button to pause water


  • Need to buy an AC adapter separately because the batteries die fast

What’s the bottom line?

If you not only want to upgrade your kitchen, but also its convenience, then splurge a little on this touchless faucet.

The Moen 7594E looks good, performs well and won’t fail to please anyone using it.

On first glance, if you do think that all the bells and whistles are too much of a hassle, then wait until you actually use it. I’m pretty sure your opinions will take an upturn from day one.

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