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Delta 9192T-DST Review – Touchless Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

The touchless faucet you can trust

The Delta 9192T-SSSD-DST is Blessed with some delicate curves and cheeky nubbins on the surface which keeps dirt at the bay.

It’s a touch sensitive faucet which responds even to your delicate touches anywhere on the spout to control the flow of water.

The Delta 9192T is finished in stainless steel with a contemporary style along with the Delta specific technologies.

Delta Faucet Addison Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, Soap...

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It has got the Magna Tite docking system to safe keep the wand when its not being used.

The Diamond Seal Technology prevents the drips and leakages even after a series of rough use.The interior linings keeps the water pure from the contaminants.

How it Works

Honestly , i haven’t seen any other faucet of this price range which could do so many things very well.The touch system is job of layman and it actually takes off the wounds of cooking.The stainless steel is got to be mentioned as its ultra easy to clean.

The dual mode mode sprayer is easy to use.Then the wide angle swivel is more than enough for triple sink setups and high neck helps you to with shallow ones.

The only place to frown is the touch system, in which you will find the touch sensitivity dull at times , as a slight touch can make the faucet on and off.And the electrical are not much durable with time.

Look & Feel

Out of all the touch sensitive faucets we saw , this one is the most elegant looking one.The high arc with the glossy stainless steel finishing is a top notch find in the market.The soap dispenser unit makes a contemporary feel around the faucet.

I would recommend you to place it in any kitchen setting , no matter its a stone counter top or a wooden finish, the faucet fits well. The spray head looks splendid.


The durability is one of the few areas where we got stuck. It might give an impression of a durable faucet with long lasting capacity, but the fact is that as time passes it loose the build quality. The counterweight which supports the pull out spray looses its flexibility over time.Its mainly of the use of plastic for coating the steel ball.

And not the least , the electrical wiring and battery pack looses their sensitivity within a less period of months.


The 15.42 inch high spout is the biggest advantage of this faucet .Delta 9192T is blessed with the touch operations , the extra wide swiveling ability is a standout feature of this faucet.

With many faucets in the market managing to get a 120 degree turn , this faucet goes actually far beyond even to about 180 degrees.

And finally , the diamond valves helps to keep the water free from dirt.

9192T review


The Delta is probably the best company in USA when it comes to customer service. But unfortunately unlike the other faucets which comes with lifetime warranty, the Delta 9192T is secured for just 5 years of warranty. This should be mainly of the constant electrical issues.

Nevertheless, Delta is always with you.


  • Wide Swivel range
  • Dual mode pull down sprayer
  • Touch system
  • Very Handy
  • 1.8 GPM , 6.8 L/min
  • Single Handled design makes steady and quick water control
  • Integrated soap dispenser


  • Unstable touch system
  • Annual replacements for electrical

What’s the bottom line?

The Delta 9192T is surely a complete package, it does most of the things in a fantastic way. The only thing which looks a concern is the annual maintenance.

I would surely recommend this faucet to all kitchen enthusiasts. It comes with a cutting edge design, being on the best in the industry. The additional features like touch sensitivity is great for someone too busy.

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