Delta 16971-DST Velino review
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Delta 16971-DST Pull Down Faucet Review

Today we are writing up kitchen faucet reviews for the Delta 16971-DST Velino Pull-down kitchen faucet.

The Delta 16971-DST is a perfect combination of the modern and traditional designs.The classy design will fit into any kitchen.

It has that classic shape and structure which no one would hesitate to look.

The faucet comes with the likes of Diamond seal and Magna Tite docking system.

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The company also offers a lifetime warranty which will cover the defects on the course of time. There is a pull-down sprayer which can be operated in multiple ways as spray and aerated mode.

The toggle diverts acts as the intermediary between the spray. It’s enough to move between modes. The soap dispenser is a good addition to the functionality as well as the looks.


  • Easy Installation
  • Simple to use
  • Packed with top quality components


  • Sluggish pull-down feature
  • Plastic build top portion of soap dispenser

How it Works

As far as the functionality is concerned, this model is one of the easiest to operate and use.The Delta 16971-DST comes with all basic features like the MagnaTite docking and Diamond Seal, which maintains its longevity and convenience to use.

I noticed a brief stiffness when trying to retract the pull-down spray head back but it would be fine over time.

The toggle is the simplest feature which allows choosing between the spray modes.The soap dispenser works fine but I have doubts whether it will be durable or not.

Look & Feel

This is not that typical traditional faucet in your minds, though the pull-down faucet resembles a classical look the handle and curves and lines give it a modern touch. With daily use, you will feel it as a modern faucet with a classical touch.The soap dispenser along with the optional deck mounting plate gives you sufficient options to customize your sink.


When compared to other faucets by Delta, the 16971-DST is much durable with its stainless builds. I’m not stressing that it wouldn’t need any repair in the whole future, but the lifetime warranty from Delta is a wholesome offer from the company.


The only two main extra features iIsaw was the additional soap dispenser and the toggle switch attached to the faucet head.The soap dispenser in the Delta 16971-SSSD-DST is fine if you use with a thin solution but can irritate you with air bubbles when used with hand wash soaps.


The Delta company offers warranty for the entire life.Most of its replacement parts can be shipped in free of cost.Regarding the repairs, there won’t be much chaos but for the counterweight system that gets slugy often. Delta is great with the customer service and continues to be helpful even in the middle of the night.

What’s the bottom line?

The Delta 16971-DST has proven to be a decent faucet. It fits to be one of the permanent fixture to have in your kitchens.Even if the looks doesn’t impress you, it will be a very functional faucet in the long run.

The soap dispenser is a matching one. I feels it to be one of the good faucets in terms of the functions at this price tag. Also the quality of looks with flawless lines and curves got to be admired.

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