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The kitchen is one key area in a home that must-have essential facilities. Although it was initially overlooked, the time has changed now. People understand the need for installing perfect products.

Ensuring that you include the best sink is of great importance to the time spent here. Not only will this save you many troubles but also greatly improve the cooking area. Renovating a home has caused millions of products to be produced globally. Unfortunately, finding the right faucet comes with a lot of challenges. Why? There are many sellers promising the best but you cannot test them before choosing one.

Of course, the experience can be entirely smooth or come with a lot of frustrations. With many industries disrupting the sector trying to be on the cutting edge, Blanco is one testament of creativity. What is more, the manufacturer is committed to ensuring customers find the decision-making process enjoyable.

Getting the best model starts by knowing the most ingenuine manufacturer. Perhaps getting a particular brand that offers multiple options and models to serve this purpose is vital. For this reason, this article presents the top 3 Blanco sinks reviews. Here is all the information you need to make an exceptional decision.

3 Best Blanco sinks Reviews

1. Blanco 440177 Diamond 1-3/4 Bowl-Cafe Brown Sink

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Since the kitchen is the most used area at home, this workhorse Blanco 440177 Diamond passes the test. This sink has many excellently designed features behind its increasing demand. This is a clear sign that the manufacturer is concerned about your needs for working without any troubles.

Honestly, this model is made from high-quality material, granite composite. It is durable, stain-resistant and also totally hygienic. That means its surfaces can stay clean for a long time without signs of coffee or tea marks. The sink has noise-reducing qualities so there is no sound is heard during cleaning up or cooking. Its surfaces are easy to clean and maintain.

What is more, the sink is made in different colors. So finding one that perfectly compliments your countertop or cabinets is easy.  The lightweight nature makes it suitable for installing as an under the counter model.

You will surely get the most from this sink. With double bowls, it means the capacity will be suitable even in a hardworking kitchen. The bowls have depths of 8 and 9.5inches that work well for daily purposes.


  • Very durable
  • Spacious
  • Unique slim


  • Discolored by harsh cleaning products
  • Costly for average consumers
  • No faucet holes

2. Blanco 511-703 Diamond Equal Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

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Most home fixtures and appliances need replacement after some time. But considering  Blanco 511-703 kitchen sink will prove to be a worthy investment.

The solid granite material used in designing it gives the ability to endure the demands in a kitchen. From extreme heat to continuous pressure, this model will handle it all. Its non-porous nature also makes it to highly resist stains from strong and permanent liquids. Besides the material is easily cleaned so always hygienic.

In case you long to save counter space and time this model is a must buy. The reason is that it follows an undermount installation process. The rear drain point increases the workspace. It easy to install especially with a 36inches outside the cabinet.

As for capacity, the double bowls contribute so much to ample cleaning time. The basins have depths of 9.5 inches to increase flexibility and versatility for your work.

Kitchen facilities should guarantee quality and also come backed up with enough support. The model comes with a limited lifetime warranty because the manufacturer focuses on providing the best.


  • Extremely durable
  • Effective drainage system
  • Easy to clean


  • Develops a white layer that is hard to remove
  • Drains not included
  • Matte finish is not everybody’s taste

3. Blanco 441478, Cinder PRECIS SILGRANIT Undermount Kitchen Sink

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If you look at Blanco 441478, you will immediately tell that it has superior quality. Constructed with SILGRANIT material, its dull finish tells a lot about its durability.

This sink shows a clear work of art thanks to its overall feel and looks in the kitchen. The color option is stunning against any existing countertops. This material used in construction makes it stand the test of time. Being an undermount, it adds some sleek look to the kitchen. Also, this allows you to effortlessly sweep countertop particles to the bowl.

Its dimensions of 28.75″ x 18.12 fit a cabinet with a base 33inches. The installation is quick and easy. Its rectangular shape, straight edges, and a flattened bottom gives the maximum volume a kitchen needs. The corners are softly rounded to allow easy cleaning and also smooth drainage.

Honestly, if you often forget to wash sinks down to avoid losing the color this model is absolutely all you need. It is non-porous so dirt and bacteria will not penetrate its surface. Of course, the full hygienic nature means that maintenance is nothing. No need to deep clean the bowl.


  • Elegant style
  • Durable
  • Large and deep enough


  • Stains appear if food sits for long
  • Color option is dull
  • Not suitable for some garbage systems

Are Blanco Sinks good quality?

Blanco understands that customers have different needs. And so focuses on providing several kitchen sink options, that have high-quality. The manufacturer ensures that the units are made from either granite or stainless steel to have them bestselling. Thus are great for use for personal and industrial needs and are known to bring many benefits.

The most-loved aspects of this brand’s kitchen sinks are that they resist stain. It is obvious the materials used keep up to the name. You can pour colored liquids like juice, or puree on the surface and still have their original looks. Simply pour down some warmth and watch everything rinse off without scrubbing.

The models are engineered with the best standards to guarantee quality and also durability. Even when knives clang on it, the surface does not scratch. The material handles the weight of bulky items daily without denting. Furthermore, its cascading effect is a clever one, the water will flow straight to the drain.

Investing in any Blanco sink is absolutely one excellent thing that every homeowner should do.  There are no doubt it is good-looking, sleeker in design to match even the contemporary kitchens. With that said, adding any model from this company is all you need to kick your kitchen’s feel and quality a notch.


How do you clean a Blanco sink?

  • Keeping any Blanco sink clean is very easy. Harsh chemicals are not required so they are environmentally friendly. For daily cleaning, you need a non-abrasive detergent. Watermarks can be rinsed and wiped using dry, clean, and soft clothing. This is a form of maintenance to prevent clouding of the good looking finish.

Do Blanco sinks scratch?

  • Blanco sinks are designed with a Silgranit material that is naturally scratch-resistant. The ability to withstand impact is one big point of excellence in this beautifully finished unit. The units are as hard as other stone products like countertops. Even if dishes or sharp utensils are thrown in it haphazardly, you will never find marks in it after days of installation. Thus it is really safe for placing food and absolutely hygienic material for this sink.

Do Blanco sink chip?

  • The usual tear and wear have become a past thing with Blanco sinks. This workhorse is nearly unaffected by whatever users throw inside it when cooking or cleaning up. Also, the granite material in the units withstands dents. Even if it is bombarded hard it will still look like it was when it got installed.

Can you use bleach on a Blanco sink?

  • Blanco sinks are usually made for simple care and easy cleaning. For stubborn stains, it is recommended to use a solution of 50/50 water plus bleach or a non-abrasive detergent. Then rinse well and dry using a soft cloth. Its non-fading finish can withstand being hit by elements like acid. However, avoid harsh cleaners or bleach at all costs.


Remember, improving the looks and feel of your home should not be a pain. Neither should this journey start by buying luxurious and flashy equipment. Investing in any Blanco kitchen sink means you get a high-quality, crafted unit. Even better the manufacturer guarantees a long-lasting service to your family.

Blanco is among the leading companies that manufacture kitchen sinks. Granted, here you will always find the best units available in the market. Perhaps, there is much it has learned regarding the making of home upgrading fixtures.

The sink models here are from granite composite material. This feature truly makes the brand shine in this market full of other standard materials including steel, porcelain, and old granite.

It is clear from the above reviews finding cons in the sinks is quite hard. You will lack something to complain about either of the three models listed. This is a presentation of the ingenuity in Siligranit as the way of winning in the market full of options.

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