InSinkErator Cover Control Plus Evolution Batch Feed

Best Batch-Feed Garbage Disposal – InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Plus Review

The best buy for those who place safety first

If you have kids running around your house, curious to test out everything they see, then buying a batch-feed disposer over a continuous-feed disposer would be a great safety measure to take.

And that, by no means, is cheap but,

If it helps to rid your kitchen from food waste, and your children from danger, then money shouldn’t be a matter after all.​

And that is exactly why you’re here, and why we’ve written this review. We assure you that the InSinkerator Evolution Cover Control Plus is the best batch-feed disposer available.

Scroll down and see for yourself the obvious reasons.​

Best Batch-Feed Garbage Disposal – InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Plus Review

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Cover Control Plus, Quiet Series, 3/4 HP Batch...
  • SoundSeal Technology which delivers ultra-quiet performance versus a standard disposer
  • MultiGrind Technology , with two-stage grind to quickly grind virtually any food waste....
  • 40 oz. Stainless steel grind chamber and grind components for longevity

The Ultimate Cover Control/ Batch feed​

Unlike most batch-feed disposers, InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control doesn’t look like an alien on the outside. Instead, it gives a modern, plush look.

We agree that beauty is only skin deep. But here, quality goes a lot deeper, and it is, of course, not surprising when it comes to InSinkErator.

The cover control top of this disposer is made up of a Magnetic CoverStart Activation system which is unique to itself. As a result, operating it is a lot easier than other batch-feed models on the market​

Once you place the food scraps, instead of flipping a switch on, you should place the cover on top. Then adjust it in accordance with the magnets on the cover and the disposer. As soon as they meet, the disposers triggers on, grinding all the waste within a matter of seconds.

It is way safer because your fingers and your kids would be a safe distance away when it starts working. Also, since there’s no switch, the chances of ‘accidentally’ powering it on is nil.

You would hear a pin drop​

Well, not really, but very very close enough.

All products in the InSinkErator Evolution series have adapted a patented SoundSeal Technology that reduces the sound of a powerful motor significantly.


This one is special. It reduces sound by 60% when compared to other disposers.​

If you’ve owned a disposer before, especially a one not from the InSinkErator brand, then you would know clearly what this 60% means.

That is why we consider it very close to a ‘pin drop silence’​.

insinkerator review

Chews down almost every scrap

The patented MultiGrind technology enables this disposer to chew down almost everything, specially food scraps that you wouldn’t even dare to take it near a disposer.

The food you insert, powered by the 3/4 horsepower motor, would go through the GrindShear ring and a Tri-Action Lug system, turning them into liquid waste that would go down the drain without clogging up.​

Super easy installation​

Like every other InSinkErator models, this model too, comes with a three-bolt Quick Lock sink mount. At most, this is a task that requires only a few minutes.

If you’re already a customer, repeating an InSinkErator purchase, then mounting this is even more easy. All you need is to twist the previous model off and twist this one on. Simple as that.​

Think it’s expensive? But see what you get to save​

The first impression of something, like the price here, is not always the best impression. InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Disposer proves it even more.

Unlike other products, this costs a little more initially. But the operating costs are the lowest, making it the most economical.

You will need only a gallon of water per day, and the electricity expense would be a mere 50 cents or so because for an entire year you will need only 3-4 kilowatt hours of electricity.

Let the warranty take over your worries​

Should something worry you, then there’s always a warranty to turn to. InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Disposer comes with a 7-year In-Home warranty and claiming on it is just a phone call away.


Just because it doesn’t have a prolonged warranty doesn’t mean that its’ life is any shorter than the other InSinkErator models.

You can anytime drop by Amazon and find out exactly how long an average InSinkErator live and you’ll be surprised to know that they survive the longest on the market​.

And this disposer is no different.

All grinding parts can resist corrosion as they’re made using stainless steel. The grinding chamber is the strongest, with 40 oz stainless steel. So the chances of this rusting and breaking down is very slim – at least, it won’t happen within a decade.

What’s the bottom line?

We do agree that the price is a bitch, hands down. But you won’t be getting a better value for your money than the Evolution Cover Control Plus because this is so far the best batch-feed garbage disposal on the market.

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