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There is a plethora of faucets to choose from in the marketplace, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. We here at Best Kitchen Faucets Hub weed through all of the information that’s out there, giving you comprehensive reviews of the best faucets on the market. 

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Meet the Team

Rob Finch - Chief Editor

My name is Rob Finch, founder and Chief Editor for Best Kitchen Faucets Hub.

Before I started Best Kitchen Faucets Hub, I was a professional plumbing specialist for seven years. After a serious accident, I compiled all of my knowledge and ideas and built this website. The marriage of my professional skills and love of technology and the internet has been a happy one. 

I hope that this website provides value to homeowners in their goal of creating beautiful homes.

Don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected] if you have questions.

Parker Owens - Junior Editor

Parker Owens bio picture

I’m Parker Owens and I’m the Junior Editor here at Best Kitchen Faucets Hub. 

I spent most of my formative years helping out in my family’s plumbing business, and I became  passionate about plumbing and home improvement. When I graduated from high school, I immediately knew I wanted to enter into a plumbing internship rather than go the four-year college route. 

After earning my license, I took on the role of revamping my family’s business website and running their social media accounts. While doing this, I developed a passion for breaking down plumbing information in a way that the average DIYer can understand. 

It’s an honor to be able to do that for readers of Best Kitchen Faucets Hub. You can reach out to me at [email protected] 

Scot Webster - Social Media Manager

Scot Webster bio pic

I’m Scot Webster and I’m the Social Media Manager for Best Kitchen Faucets Hub. 

I like to say I grew up in a construction zone. My parents bought a fixer upper house and spent 10 years customizing it to make it our dream home. You learn a lot about DIY and the home improvement industry in that kind of environment, and I loved it. 

In college, I became interested in social media and the idea of using these platforms to spread high quality information to people. 

I love my job here at Best Kitchen Faucets Hub, and spend every day doing what I love: talking about plumbing and home improvement. My email is [email protected], feel free to shoot me email!