If you are considering buying a new faucet for your kitchen, then you might already be starting to feel overwhelmed by the huge array of options available to you and you might be wondering about some of the terms you’ve seen thrown around.

The wealth of options and information can often put buyers off fully researching purchase decisions and ultimately means they end up with a product that isn’t perfect for them.

As we spend so much time in the kitchen in our homes, choosing the right faucet is an important decision, not just in terms of usability, but also in terms of how the faucet completes the look of our kitchens.

To take the pain out of dredging through a million and one articles to find out about each option, we’ve put together this handy buyer’s guide which will talk you through all of the decisions in one place and hopefully lead to you purchasing the faucet that’s just right for you and your family.

​Top 10 Kitchen Faucets Reviews and Comparison

Here is a quick look of our top kitchen faucets of 2017.

 ModelTypeFLOW RATELinks
Delta 9178 dst review

Delta 9178-DST(Our Top Pick)

Pull Down1.8 gpmCheck Price


Kraus KPF 2110 REVIEW

Kraus KPF-2110


(Best Pull Out)

Pull Out1.8 gpm Check Price
Moen 7594 E REVIEW

Moen 7594E(Best Touchless)

Pull Down,Touchless1.5 gpm Check Price
Delta 9192T Delta 9192T

Pull Down,Touchless

1.5 gpm Check Price
Delta 980T Delta 980T

Pull Down,Touchless

1.8 gpm  Check Price
kohler k560 bellera Kohler K-560 BelleraPull Down1.8 gpm Check Price
Kraus KPF-1602 Kraus KPF-1602Pull Down,Commercial1.8 gpm Check Price
Delta 9113 Essa Delta 9113 EssaPull Down1.8 gpm Check Price
Kohler K-596 Kohler K-596

Pull Down

1.8 gpm Check Price
Delta 9159 Trinsic

Delta 9159 Trinsic

Pull Down1.8 gpm Check Price

Let’s delve into the reviews one by one.

1. Delta Faucet 9178 Leland – Our Top Pick for 2022

“An affordable, vintage-looking faucet made to last.”

Delta 9178 dst review

Check Price

Apart from the obvious sleek look, there are many other points that make the Leland a best-seller. The spout is the highlight of all, as it’s highly flexible and convenient to use.

It provides complete access to the sink by swiveling 360 degrees. Located at the upper end of the spout is a pull-down sprayer. It comes down 20 inches and goes right back in via the force of a lasting magnet.

Installing the Leland is straightforward, and it supports both 1 and 3-hole installation. I’m pretty sure a DIYer can easily handle it.

All in all, this faucet is one of the best I’ve seen on the market at such an affordable price. It even has a generous limited lifetime warranty to back your purchase, and it speaks volumes about longevity.

2. Delta Faucet 9192T Addison – An amazing touchless faucet

“Upgrade your kitchen with this beautiful, modern-day faucet.”

Delta 9192T

Check Price

Delta’s Addison is popular among those who wish to upgrade their kitchen into the 21st century. At a glance, the price tag is expensive. But delving into the specs prove it to be reasonable because it features the exclusive Touch2O Technology. This makes the spout and the handle sensitive to the touch and all it needs is a simple pat to go on and off.

In addition to the 360-degree swivelling spout and the pull-down spray head, Addison has multiple flow rates. It delivers a water-efficient 1.5 gpm stream and 2 gpm stream. There’s also an LED light giving a heads up about the water temperature.

When all these bells and whistles are combined, I think the price is justifiable. Though not the longest, you’ll still be getting a 5-year warranty to secure your buy.

3. Delta 980T Pilar – Another great touchless faucet

“Delta’s Pilar is not simply a Pillar.”

Delta 980T

Check Price

When it comes to features, both Addison and Pilar are very much alike. They’ve the same Touch2O Technology, a 360-degree spinning sprout and a pull-down spray wand. They also have a magnet to keep the spray wand in place, and diamond-embedded valves to seal off any possible leaks. But there, the similarities end.

Firstly, the Pilar looks conical like a pillar instead of the curvy ocean-shell ike design of the Addison, and hence the name. It doesn’t have a built-in handle either. Instead it comes with a remote handle. This means you can have it installed on either the right or the left side as you prefer. This installation is easy, but the battery circuits may need to be sought the attention of an expert.

All things considered, give it a go if you can afford it. In return you’ll get to enjoy a lifetime limited warranty too.

4. Moen 7594E Arbor – Our Top Pick for Touchless Faucet

“A touchless and smudgeless beauty in the form of a faucet.”

Moen 7594 E REVIEW

Check Price

For some, faucets with motion sensors are not the most reliable. But apparently, they haven’t come across Moen’s Arbor. It isn’t flawless, but comes equipped with two motion sensors so that it won’t fail to detect movements. Better still, you can completely shut off the sensor on the spout if you happen to use the sink for a purpose other than washing.

The Arbor also has a pull-down spray head with a 68-inch long hose. This makes it flexible, but the cherry on the top is the ‘pause’ button. It may seem inferior, but makes a world of difference when put to use. You’ll also love the design and the surface of the faucet.

It’s made to resist fingerprints and marks and look fresh and brand new. That’s why I strongly believe that the search for a touchless faucet should begin from Moen’s Arbor.

5. Kohler K-596 Simplice

“Elegance and functionality in an affordable package.”

Kohler K-596

Check Price

KOHLER K-596-CP Simplice is indeed a simple faucet except for a handful of convenient features that make it worth a buy. The spout, for one, is shaped like a gooseneck. It can complete a circle and access every nook and cranny on your sink.

On top of the spout is a spray wand that can be pulled down. But its flexibility is what makes it unique.

One switch on it toggles between a spray and an aerated flow and another pauses the flow of the water. The point at which it joins the hose can be swivelled to angle the spray better.

And once you’re done with the spray head, you can send it right back in without any effort for it features a magnet to lock it in place.

All things combined, I believe that Simplice gives a great return on investment and KOHLER stays behind it with a limited lifetime warranty.

6. Kraus KPF-2110 – Best Pull Out Faucet

“A heavy-duty, all-metal, dwarf of a faucet among the giants.”

Kraus KPF 2110 REVIEW

Check Price

If the high-arc faucets end up looking more like an elephant’s trunk on your tiny kitchen, then Kraus might have a solution for you via the KPF-2110.

This model features a single lever design, with a 10.75-inch faucet height that gives you the feel of a bathroom faucet. But it comes with the functionality to fit your kitchen. Made entirely up of solid brass, it puts corrosion and rust out of the equation.

Even the pull-out spray head is not plastic, but you need to be careful not to touch it when you run it through hot water. The heavy-duty and high quality looks and feel of the faucet won’t fail to please you right out of the box.

Once installed you’ll get a normal and an aerated spray modes. You can enjoy the 180-degree swivelling motion of the spout as well. Get it if you want a faucet to a shallow kitchen sink that’ll last.

7. Kohler K-560 Bellera

“A versatile, swan-like beauty with a beating heart.”

kohler k560 bellera

Check Price

Advertised pictures don’t do justice to Kohler’s Bellera. Said that, not only is this faucet aesthetically appealing, but also functionally pleasing.

The high-arc spout can be rotated 360 degrees to address the needs of any sink.

But what actually makes it worth a buy is the multifunctional spray wand.

Firstly, it gives out a stream of water for quick fillings of containers. Secondly, a spray that’s meant to sweep away residues from the utensils you wash. And finally, a pause button to shut them away altogether.

It can also be pulled down and away for a considerable distance. And once the task is complete it’ll glide its way back into the spout through a magnetic field.

It has a MasterClean Sprayface too to minimize mineral build-up and a ball joint to make it easily manoeuvrable. If you ask me, for the price, I think all these features and more make it extremely buy-able.

8. Kraus KPF-1602 – Best Industrial Kitchen Faucet

“A faucet stolen from an industrial kitchen.”

Kraus KPF-1602

Check Price

Kraus KPF-1602 is for those who want a commercial-looking faucet upgrade. Constructed solely using brass, this faucet has a beautiful spring design coiling on top of its spout.

The spout can rotate 360 degrees, featuring a ergonomic pull-down sprayer with a powerful pre-rinse spray. Attached to the spout is a single-lever handle. It makes controlling both the flow and temperature a child’s play.

Everything about this faucet screams quality. It even includes a high performance/low flow Neoperl aerator and a renowned Kerox ceramic cartridge that ensures drip-free use throughout the faucet’s life. All the quality components are put together to bring out a robust faucet meant to steal all the attention from your kitchen.

Kraus KPF-1602 is indeed the best of its kind, and I hold no hesitation in recommending it.

9. Delta Faucet 9113 Essa

“Doesn’t default, doesn’t drip and won’t let you down.”

Delta 9113 Essa

Check Price

Delta faucets never fall short of style and the 9113-AR-DST Essa is no exception. It’s less curvier than the Leland, yet rated high for the impressive high arc and euro design.

Ideally, this faucet was targeted at restrictive sinks with a built-in handle that moves only to the front and up. However, it’s lasting quality and solid construction has made it a reliable choice for anyone.

The pull-down sprayer is loved for the magnet that conceals all traces of its opening. The controllable aerated spray and stream of water helps to avoid splashes.

Manufacturers boast Essa to last twice as long as an ordinary faucet due to the exclusive DIAMOND Seal Technology. Time and again their words have proven to be true.

And mind you, this is one of the rare faucets that won’t let you down.

10. Delta Faucet 9159 DST Trinsic

“A contemporary design loaded with features. ”

Delta 9159 Trinsic

Check Price

Trinsic is yet another faucet by Delta, similar to the Essa in many ways. But unlike Essa, it’s inspired by a minimalistic design meant to blend right in with any contemporary kitchen. It has hardly any curves, but still manage to look elegant like a sawn.

The high arc will provide ample space underneath and swivel 360 degrees to access every corner of your sink.

Everything from the pull-down sprayer to the ultimate spray that comes out of the faucet is aimed to please. It features the famous MagnaTite Docking System to keep the spray head firmly in place throughout its life.

A toggle switch on the head handles the spray and stream while at the same time the DIAMOND Seal Technology ensures long life. Though its a little on the expensive side, it’ll pay back every penny in no time at all.

A Few Final Words

The right faucet has a way of glowing any kitchen, and simplifying the tasks involved. But locating it could be tough if you don’t know where to start your search from.

However, I believe my site has served its purpose and given enough leads to help you get started. Apparently, these faucets are still glowing in many kitchens I’ve dealt with and I’m pretty sure they’ll serve you the same.

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Faucet?

We often don’t notice the role a faucet plays in our kitchen until it shows signs of retirement. And when we finally decide to go for a replacement, the market can confuse into buying the wrong one.

So I thought maybe you should have everything cleared out before you head into the market. This way you’ll know what to expect.


Let’s start with the types of faucets before everything else.

Delta 9178 dst review

Pull Down

Kraus KPF 2110 REVIEW

Pull Out

delta 9192T review


Kraus KPF-1602


Pull-Down Faucets

These faucets are the most popular of all. They usually have a high arc and come with a spray wand and hose that can be withdrawn a considerable distance away from the faucet.

Pull-Out Faucets

Pull-out faucets often share a similar design with bathroom faucets. But functionally, they are meant for the kitchen. Quite similar to pull-down faucets, they’ve a spout that can be pulled out a foot or two to reach utensils that don’t fit your sink.

Industrial Kitchen Faucets

These faucets seem to have stolen the design from industrial faucets, but their name gives them away.

Touchless Kitchen Faucets

Touchless faucets adapt motion sensors and detect movements to operate. They are the farthest a faucet has gone yet, but certain Delta faucets adapt a Touch20 System where a simple pat on the faucet will get the water running.


I’ve seen the market for faucets expand over the years – which is a good thing. Faucets with pull-down spray wands have replaced those without. The swivelling motion of the spout has nearly become mandatory. Additional features such as LED lights to indicate the heat and magnets to keep the spray head in place all make a faucet highly functional.


Just because you find a faucet heavy doesn’t mean it’s going to last. That’s why I was being extra careful when recommending faucets in my site. Some faucets come with a plastic spray head. While this serves as a disappointment, remember that a metallic sprayer will end up burning your hand if run through hot water. Also look into the warranty. I mean look really well. Even if the warranty period is long, the conditions may prove it to be worthless.


When we talk about a faucet’s quality, its construction usually comes to mind almost immediately. This may involve the actual materials used to make the faucet or the quality of its valves. One must also see to it that a faucet is lead-free to ensure the safety of your water.

Moreover, keep in mind that a faucet’s construction can have a direct effect on the water’s flow rate. This is usually measured in GPM or gallons per minute. Basically, the flow rate helps you determine the amount of water that flows from your faucet into your sink.

Installation Systems

Let’s get the technical stuff out of the way first.

Wall or Deck Mounted?

The first decision to make here is whether you want a deck mounted faucet or a wall mounted faucet. This will largely depend on where your current faucet is mounted and/or whether or not you are willing to change where your faucet is mounted.

There many ways to mount a kitchen faucet. Some of them include the following:

  • Deck Mount: These types of faucets are installed directly with the countertop and are typically made with a brass construction, so they are really durable.
  • Sink Mount: Sink mount faucets are cheap, easy to install, and the best choice for quick renovations. However, one must take into consideration the holes in the sink before installing this type of faucet.
  • Wall Mount: Kitchen faucets that are mounted to the wall may sound really unusual, but they do exist. In fact, some people find them even more stylish and unique. Not to mention, sturdier than the typical sink-mounted or deck-mounted faucets.

Sink Holes

Counting the holes in your sink has never been more essential as this will tell you the right type of faucet to choose.

  • Single Hole: A single-handle faucet would be the best fit for this type of sink.
  • Two Hole: If you want a two-handle faucet, then you must have at least two holes in your sink. The second hole can also be used for a spray handle or soap dispenser.
  • Three Hole: If you have three holes in your sink, then you can certainly buy a three-handle faucet to go with it. Typically, one hole is for the main faucet, and the rest are for hot and cold water.
  • Four Hole: Traditional kitchens usually have this type of sink mainly because it has a lot of room for additional installations and spaces for a lotion bottle or a soap dispenser.

One, Two or Three Hole Installation?

Faucets are generally available for one, two, and three hole installation systems. It’s important that you know which installation system your sink uses to make sure the faucet you choose will fit.

Simply have a look at where your current faucet is and see how many holes you have.

You then have the option to shop within the installation range that suits you, or if you have a multi hole installation system, you can also choose a single hole installation faucet and install a plate to cover the remaining holes and give you a clean finish.


The look of your faucet is important. How it looks against your kitchen décor will make a huge difference to the room, and more and more people are choosing quirky faucets that represent their personalities.

There is a huge range of designs available to suit every taste.

The Style

The first thing to consider is the overall style of the faucet.

Do you have a traditional, farmhouse kitchen that would look amazing with an antique look faucet?

Do you have an ultra modern kitchen full of gadgets and want an almost futuristic design on your faucet?

Do you fall somewhere in between where you want something sleek and functional?

Remember that due to the height, the faucet is often the first thing your eyes are drawn to when you enter the kitchen, and choosing one that you love the look of is important.

The Finish

Again, this decision comes down to a combination of your personal taste and which finish would best match your kitchen décor.

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the options and how each of them will look:

Chrome – Perhaps the most popular option, a chrome finish will give you a high shine, silver coloured finish that will match all decors. This is a good choice if you regularly change the look of your kitchen and want something that will fit any color scheme.

Brushed Chrome – Similar to the above choice, brushed chrome has a more matte finish.

Polished Nickel – A high shine finish in a nickel color, this choice is perfect for bringing a mix of traditional and modern to your kitchen.

Spot Resistant Steel – A good choice if water marks are your pet’s hate and you don’t want to spend hours polishing your faucet. Simply rub down with a damp cloth and the finish will prevent lasting watermarks.

Oil Rubbed Bronze – A high gloss, bronze colored finish that’s perfect for antique look faucets.

Mediterranean Bronze – As above with a matte finish.

Matte Black – This black colored, matte finish is perfect for anyone who wants something a bit different but still wants the flexibility of being able to change the kitchen décor without having to worry about it matching the faucet.

Wrought Iron – A great choice for a more traditional feel while still keeping up with current trends.

Glacier – This white finish is ideal if your sink isn’t a metal finish and it’s hugely popular at the moment.

Ivory – A great choice if you want a light colored finish, but are afraid that white will make your kitchen look too clinical. Great to add a touch of subtle color.


As faucet designers put more and more innovations into practice, the range of features available is quite astounding. Have a read through some of the nifty features available and decide which of them are the most important to you to help narrow down your faucet search.

Start by thinking about how you use your faucet. Things like filling large pots can have an effect on your decision regarding height, and things like heavy-duty washing up can have an effect on your choice of spray.

Handle Type

There are various types of faucets, and they can be categorized based on their handle. They can either be a single-handled, two-handled, or hands-free type.

  • Single Handle: This type of faucet is the most commonly used in households all over the world simply because their operation is relatively more straightforward than the other types. They are easy to install and also don’t take up a lot of space, so they are great for those who want to save up as much space in the kitchen as possible.
  • Two Handle: These faucets are best known for their water temperature adjustment features. Although the same can be possible even with a single lever type faucet, they differ mainly in the accuracy of their temperature control. Note that these faucets are quite challenging to install.
  • Hands-Free: From the name itself, one can get an idea of how these faucets operate. Instead of the usual hand lever, these faucets feature a motion sensor technology that allows the user to operate them with a simple hand gesture.

Spout Arc

There are two options here: a high arc or a low arc.

A high arc is ideal if you often fill and/or wash large pots and it is becoming a chore trying to fit them in around a faucet spout. High arc faucets generally stand eight to ten inches high.

A low arc is ideal if you have cabinets above your faucet or a great view you don’t want to obscure. Low arc faucets generally stand three to eight inches high.

The Sprayer

An important feature that helps to keep your sink clean and your faucet flexible, the sprayer comes in three options: pull down, pull out, or side spray.

The pull down spray pulls down, giving the spray extra reach.

The pull out spray uses a streamlined design which is a great space saver and is easy to use.

The side spray is the most powerful option that’s perfect for cleaning tough items like oven trays etc. It will also give you maximum reach, but it does require its own installation hole which means you’ll need multi hole installation and plenty of space.

A faucet’s sprayer style is another factor that’s worth considering. Some faucets have specific spray head features that make certain tasks a lot easier. Therefore, knowing a faucet’s sprayer style can help you figure out which model suits your needs better.

  • Pull-Down: A faucet with a pull-down spray head means that the sprayer is arched downwards or pulled towards the bottom of the sink. While this style is attractive, it does have its own disadvantage. Faucets with such design tend to droop down in the long run. Hence, it is important to pick a pull-down faucet that is equipped with a technology that helps keep it in a place like the MagnaTite Docking System of Delta.
  • Pull-Out: Faucets with a pull-out style spray head don’t have that distinct high arch of pull-down faucets. That said, they will not take up a lot of space in your sink area. They also work well even with a smaller sink. However, there are only a few designs to choose from which is quite an issue for some consumers.
  • Faucets with Side Sprayer: By the name itself, you can tell that aside a sprayer is a separate tool that sits right next to the actual faucet in your kitchen sink. Hence, the installation requires an extra hole in your sink which may or may not be favorable for some people. Nonetheless, the benefits of a side sprayer are mostly felt when you’re washing the dishes.

Extra Features to Consider

There are many extra features to go alongside your new faucet:

Prep Faucet – These are smaller faucets that are usually installed in a secondary sink or prep area for ease of movement.

Wall Mounted Pot Fillers – Generally located above or beside your stove, these faucets mean you don’t have to carry heavy pots to your stove.

Filtration faucets – Usually located beside your main faucet, these specialist faucets provide ice cold, filtered water for drinking.

Soap and Lotion Dispensers – Ideal if you have a multi hole installation system and only want a one hole faucet. Use the extra holes to install handy soap and lotion dispensers for a tidy finish.

Water Filtration System

Sure, you can buy a separate water filter or install a whole house water filtration system. But, buying a faucet that is already equipped with one is also a great idea especially if you don’t have the budget for a whole house filtration system just yet.

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Major Faucet Brands

These are the major brands in the kitchen faucet industry. They’re known for their superior quality and customer service.

Best Rated Kitchen Faucets: Top Kitchen Faucet Brands

1. Delta Kitchen Faucets (High-End Faucets) – Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Delta high end faucets best pull out Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

In our kitchen faucet reviews, the best Faucets include Delta which is a well known and the most reputed brand in the kitchen faucets industry. They make faucets with their own perfection and technologies. They test each faucet by turning it off and on 500,000 times to ensure leak-proof for years. Over a hundred faucet inspections are done by hand to ensure quality. They also provide a Limited Lifetime warranty.

Our Favorite Delta Kitchen Faucets

The Exclusive Delta features are

  • Touch20 Technology: This is Delta’s touch technology. Now you can turn ON or OFF with a single touch.
  • Diamond Valve: The faucet interiors are lined using diamond sealing and the valves are more strengthened which extends the lifetime of the faucets.
  • Magna Tite Docking System: The MagnaTite Docking System is an exclusive Delta technology. Using the MagnaTite docking, the pull-out or pull-down faucet spray wands swings back to their positions the instant they are docked with magnets in place.
  • Water Efficient
  • Multiflow

2. Moen Kitchen Faucets – Top Rated Kitchen Faucets

Moen best rated Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

Moen, one of the best-rated kitchen faucets on the market, is a brand that sets a variety of styles that stands outside the box. Moen Faucets can perfectly balance the water pressure and provides a more unique and great design. All Moen faucets come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against all kinds of leaks, defects in the finish as well as drips.

Our Favorite Moen Kitchen Faucets

The Exclusive Moen Features are

  • MotionSense: The touch technology developed by Moen. With this technology, you can turn on and off the water flow at the instant you need by just a touch.
  • Reflex: With the faucet’s Reflex design, you can pull out or pull down the faucet with its easy-retraction, secure docking, and impressive maneuverability.
  • Spot Resist: This technology allows the faucets to resist all kinds of fingerprints and water spots, making your faucet look better.
  • Microban: This technology provides 24/7 protection against bacteria attack on the faucet surface.
  • WaterSense: A Moen faucet is highly efficient in the sense that it provides less water per second when compared to all other faucets. In this technology, they make use of the precision flow-optimized aerator.
  • Pause Buttons: The faucet features a pause button that allows you to pause the flow when necessary while filling pots, cleaning up or even watering plants.
  • M-Pact System: This is a relatively new kind of technique wherein you can use any faucet style interchangeably without the need of any additional plumbing through the use of the M-Pact system of standard valves.


3. Kohler Kitchen Faucets – Best Rated Kitchen Faucets

Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

Kohler is specialized in manufacturing kitchen faucets, bathroom fittings, engines, power accessories, and a lot more. They are in the faucet business from 1911 onwards. The most significant advantage of choosing Kohler is that you get lots of great faucets in any price range and they are some of the best-rated kitchen faucets available on the market.

Our Favorite Kohler Faucets

Kohler Kitchen Faucets exclusive features are:

  • Ceramic Disc Valves: Kohler includes valves made of ceramic in every faucet they manufacture to improve its lifetime and performance. These valves are above standard in this industry. It’s a great feature.
  • Temperature Memory: This allows you to turn the faucet at the previously set temperature making your work easier. Kohler’s high-end faucets remember the temperature range previously set.
  • Swivel and Rotating Spout: The spout of this faucet can rotate and swivel 360 degrees on any of its faucet design. This allows you to spread the spout anywhere you need as per your requirement.

4. Kraus Kitchen Faucets

kraus Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

Kraus kitchen faucetsKraus is a top rated company known for producing great kitchen faucets. Their designs proudly embody endless creativity with quality, styling, excellent craftsmanship.

Our Favorite Kraus Faucets

The Exclusive technologies that Kraus Kitchen Faucets uses are:

  • Elegance and Residential: All of Kraus kitchen faucets focus on residential designs with the durability of commercial faucet designs.
  • Steel and Bronze Usage: Kraus is one of the very few companies in the faucet industry that makes use of a combination of stainless steel with high-grade bronze finishing. They did this through their cutting-edge technology.
  • Lifetime Support: It provides lifetime support to their products. They design very carefully making sure all their faucets can be used for a lifetime with proper functioning.

5. Grohe Kitchen Faucets

grohe Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

Grohe kitchen faucetsGrohe Kitchen Faucets are great for their innovations and designs. This is a company that acquired lots of awards for its beautiful faucets. They have a very specialized design process system. They are a leading brand in the faucet manufacturing industry.

Our Favorite Grohe Kitchen Faucets

Grohe Kitchen Faucets are designed with the following features.

  • Silk Move and Star Light: Every kitchen faucet from Grohe is guaranteed with a lifetime of no maintenance and great looks.
  • Dream Spray: This is a patented technology of Grohe Kitchen Faucets which refines the spray pattern, producing tiny droplets of water. The benefit is that with every faucet you buy from Grohe, the more water you save.
  • Grohe Whisper: Grohe uses high-quality materials and long lasting components for faucet manufacturing and sound numbing joints for a noiseless flow of water.
  • Grohe Digital: With this feature, you can have effortless control over the faucet with single touches. This is the technology of Grohe which powers its touch kitchen faucets.
  • Grohe EcoJoy: Grohe uses this technology in their faucets to improve water efficiency and energy by reducing their consumption. At the same time, they maintain proper convenience and attractive design.
  • Grohe Zero: This is an exclusive alloy made by Grohe which is used in all its facets. This improves the resistance to corrosion in Grohe faucets.


6. Danze Kitchen Faucets – High-End Kitchen Faucets

danze Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

Danze kitchen faucetsDanze is a company that is mostly powered by innovation and reputation. This is relatively a young brand as compared to others that produce high-end kitchen faucets. Every Danze kitchen faucet is a masterpiece of its technologies. They do not compromise on quality, styling, or design. They have a conservative pricing policy, and great faucets are available at affordable prices.

Our Favorite Danze Kitchen Faucets

Here are some features used in Danze Kitchen Faucets:

  • Tumbled Bronze Original Finishing: They produce classic designs with modern finishes. This is achieved by incorporating bronze combinations which gives great looks.
  • Designer-Friendly: All those Danze faucets are designer-friendly, and they have won the innovation award for 2009 which brings them more consumers for their faucets.
  • Danze Parma Collection: Danze has reinvented the conventional kitchen faucets using their Danze Parma Collection. These collections include faucets with luxury designs and cutting-edge technology.
  • Oppulence Line: This line comes in five different finishes which is the first kitchen faucet line among its competitors.


You will find faucets in almost the budget range. Once you have decided on the look and features you want your faucet to have, take a look through the options and see the range of prices.

You will be certain to find options within your price range. Remember, a lot of the cheaper models will have all of the same features as the more expensive ones. Try to base your decision on quality rather than the brand name.

For long term savings, choose a more durable option that will stand the test of time. Try to find something at the higher end of your budget for longevity, but don’t be tempted to go above your budget unless you afford to.

We hope this guide has made the options available a bit clearer and allowed you to see, at a glance, which faucets will be the best match for you and your kitchen.

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